"We aim to be a research and development-oriented agricultural company that is always creating science on the ground."

Asai Nursery is approaching nearly 120 years since its establishment in 1907 during the Meiji period and 50 years since its incorporation in 1975, marking its 50th anniversary this year. Throughout our history, we have believed in the potential of 'plants' and earnestly pursued honest and sincere craftsmanship.
Amid significant changes in the agricultural landscape in recent years, establishing a sustainable agricultural production technology system that can flexibly adapt to these changes has become crucial. Asai Nursery aims to cultivate Agronomist talents who will lead future regional agriculture. We strive to build our unique value chain, focusing on research and development-based agricultural production, distribution, and sales, aspiring to become a one-of-a-kind agricultural company.
We sincerely hope that the various agricultural products generated from our production technology can contribute to the health and prosperity of consumers' lives.
Continuing our dedication to the advancement of Japanese agriculture, we remain committed to scientifically analyzing the production field daily and creating new value for plants. We hold high aspirations as we advance in the agricultural field.

President & CEO, Asai Nursery, Inc.

Yuichiro Asai

President & COO

Yohei Asai

Director CMO

Tatsuhiro Otsuka