Throughout our history spanning over a hundred years,
we have believed in the potential of "plants."
We have earnestly and straightforwardly endeavored
in the honest creation of products.
And from here on, for the advancement of Japanese agriculture,
we will continue to dedicate ourselves daily, scientifically analyzing the field, and striving to create new value for plants.

Established in present-day Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, we commenced production of evergreen azaleas and other ornamental plants.
January 1975
After incorporation and founding, Asai Nursery, Inc inaugurated a direct sales store for ornamental plants called "Midori-en."
April 1985
We started production of container and in-ground potted plants.
January 2008
We launched Mukumoto Farm in Tsu City; initiated trial cultivation of cherry tomatoes.
April 2013
We established Ureshino Agri Co., Ltd. in Matsusaka City.
August 2015
We constructed the Tomato Variety and Cultivation Technology Research Center in Tsu City.
January 2016
We established Oosato Farm in Tsu City; initiated production of cherry tomatoes.
March 2017
We were selected as one of the "300 Vibrant Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
August 2017
We constructed the Vegetable Packing Center and Headquarters Office in Tsu City.
August 2018
AgriD Co., Ltd., incorporated in Inabe City, entered a "Collaboration Cooperation Agreement" with Inabe City.
August 2018
AgriD Co., Ltd., incorporated in Inabe City, entered a "Collaboration Cooperation Agreement" with Inabe City.
September 2018
we were awarded the "Practical Award" from the Japan Agricultural Management Society.
June 2019
We entered a "Kiwi Fruit Localization Cooperation Agreement" with Tamaki Town.
February 2020
We established the first Kiwi Fruit orchard in Tamaki Town.
May 2020
We received the "Agricultural Innovation Award 2020" from the Agricultural Information Society.
September 2022
We established Hatch Co., Ltd.; initiated the Park PFI business in Chuusei Green Park.
September 2022
We established PhytoX Co., Ltd.; commenced the development of agricultural technology solutions.
December 2022
We received the Small Giants Award "Green Revolution Prize" from Forbes Japan.
October 2023
We were selected for the Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) Phase 3 Research Theme by the Cabinet Office.
November 2023
we were chosen as the "Discover the Treasures of Agricultural, Mountain, and Fishing Villages" by the Tokai Agricultural Administration Bureau.
February 2024
We established the second Kiwi Fruit orchard in Tsu City.