Challenge and grow together.
Become team members
who change the future of agriculture.

We aim to form a group of agronomists
and are seeking talented individuals who can excel
in various fields.


To the Agronomist Group - Analyzing the Field Scientifically.

At Asai Nursery, we aim to form a group of 'Agronomists' who continually study and analyze agricultural fields scientifically. We are seeking individuals who are willing to embrace new challenges, regardless of nationality, educational background, or prior agricultural experience.

While Japan's agriculture faces various challenges, such as a declining number of farmers and increasing abandoned farmlands, it also presents numerous business opportunities. As we approach an era with a population of 10 billion, the importance of agriculture is set to increase significantly, presenting ample opportunities for growth.

While individual efforts have limitations, we can develop new business models in this exciting industry by pooling our individual strengths. Let's embrace these new challenges every day and work together toward a brighter future.

Project Story 01

Undertaking carbon-neutral agriculture
through industry collaboration.

"Japan-originated" smart agriculture project
through cascaded use of woody biomass resources.

Project Story 02

Accepting the challenge of developing Japan's largest kiwifruit
orchard by utilizing idle farmland.

Public-private cooperation in a regional revitalization project
by utilizing idle agricultural land.


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