Asai Nursery have established various welfare benefits and internal/external training programs to ensure that all employees enjoy fulfilling lives while also considering their future career paths.

Performance Evaluation

We are all equal, we are all keen. By welcoming failure and consistently pursuing challenges, we have fostered innovation.
We highly regard dialogues with each employee and conduct performance evaluations that consider both quantitative achievements and qualitative aspects.

Competency Assessment

We assess individual capabilities objectively and concretely while understanding each person's behavioral traits. To enhance overall productivity, we've implemented a competency assessment system.


We conduct goal-setting every six months to foster individual and organizational growth through clear objective setting and actions, working towards their accomplishment.


The unit managers conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with the desired employees to support individual skill development and career advancement.

Innovation Award

In a rapidly changing world, the key is how each person harnesses their wisdom to drive innovation. At the end of each year, we hold presentations on the innovations each individual has undertaken. The winner receives a gold tumbler and a prize of 50,000 yen.

Silver Lining Award

"The road to success is paved with failures," as the saying goes. Failures are crucial processes and valuable experiences on the path to success. We encourage an approach where failures are not seen as shameful, but as learning opportunities. By openly sharing and transforming failures into learning experiences, we aim to encourage and support each other through our setbacks.
To acknowledge outstanding accounts of learning from failure, we present the winner with a silver tumbler and a prize of 50,000 yen.


We aim to become not just ordinary farmers but an agronomist group.
To support continuous learning and growth, we encourage skill development among our employees.

Qualification Allowance

We encourage employee self-improvement and skill enhancement by providing subsidies for various qualifications recommended by the company.
Eligible qualifications include: Technical Engineer, Environmental Measurement Engineer (concentration related), Certified Chief Electrician, etc.
(*Qualifications may vary depending on the assigned company/department.)

Support for purchasing books

Each unit supports employees' self-study and self-investment by subsidizing the cost of purchasing books.

Skill Enhancement Training Program

We have established a training system conducted by external instructors, from new employee training to manager-level sessions, to enhance the necessary skills for each position. This system supports self-learning and self-development in their respective roles.

Work Style

We value work-life balance and have implemented various systems to ensure that both work and personal life are fulfilling for each employee, considering their individual life stages.

Flexible Employee Program

We have a flexible employee program for employees who fulfil specific criteria, allowing them to adjust their work schedule flexibly.

Weekly Holiday System

We understand that agriculture involves working with living organisms and can be influenced by weather conditions, making it seem difficult to take time off. However, we have established a system that allows employees to take two days off per week.

Paid Time Off System

You can take time off in increments from half-days to extended vacations.

Side Job System

We allow side jobs under certain conditions.

Telework System

We allow telecommuting under certain conditions.

Job Return Program

We have a rehiring system for employees who left the company owing to career advancement or family caregiving reasons. We support the sustained career development of employees who have had to interrupt their careers owing to unavoidable circumstances or those who seek to challenge themselves for personal growth.

Special Childcare Leave System

We provide a special childcare leave of 10 days, available within 8 weeks after the spouse gives birth, in addition to the regular childcare leave policy.
Under certain conditions, employees are eligible for telecommuting for up to one year.

Health Management

We are implementing various initiatives not only for our employees but also for their families to ensure their well-being and health.

Company-wide Training Camp

Once a year, we visit different regions and hold a 1-night, 2-day training camp to set company goals and encourage interaction among employees.

Club Activities

We partially subsidize the expenses for club activities with at least five members.

Health Check-ups for Family Members

We provide assistance for health check-ups for dependent family members.


You can use the private sauna three times a week.

Golf Simulator

You can practice golf using a simulation system.


Family Allowance

We have a monthly subsidy system for dependent family members.

Transfer Allowance

We provide a certain allowance to those who work remotely or at a distance.