Tomato Unit Sub-Manager/
ABS Unit Cultivation

Katsube Naotaka

Joined in 2018 / New graduate recruitment / From Shizuoka Prefecture

Career history before
joining the company

Joined as a new graduate after completing graduate school.

I scientifically analyze the field to aim for better results.

Currently, I am responsible for management tasks in the Tomato Production Management Unit, ranging from budget creation, performance assessment, decision-making on various policies, to organizational management and development.
Plants undergo continuous changes owing to various environmental factors, necessitating the basic understanding of what occurs within them for stable management. Utilizing insights derived from this understanding, we aim to integrate our findings into tomato production techniques to achieve both high productivity and reproducibility in cultivation. While the tomato production field has achieved stable, long-term multilayer cultivation, I am not satisfied with the current status quo. I am working on refining cultivation techniques to achieve even better results. Additionally, I aim to apply this knowledge to crops other than tomatoes, leading to the development of new products.
Concurrently, I provide guidance on cultivation techniques and advice on organizational structures through consulting for other companies. Asai Nursery offers an environment where various projects are undertaken, providing numerous challenges. It's not only a workplace where personal growth through numerous challenges is possible but also one where this growth contributes to the organization's development, making it an enjoyable workplace.

Nursery Production Unit
Unit manager

Sumen Nobuhiko

Joined in 2021 / Mid-career hire / From Hiroshima Prefecture

Career history before
joining the company

After graduating from university, worked in a specialized trading company before joining this company.

We offer several challenges where you can put your passion.

I used to work for a specialized trading company, handling the import and domestic sales of seafood. Although I found fulfillment in that role, personal circumstances led to my decision to relocate to Mie Prefecture and seek a new job. While searching for companies with future prospects and a place where I could invest my passion, I discovered Asai Nursery and joined the team. Since starting here, I have found the job far more enjoyable than I anticipated.
In agriculture, nature isn't always predictable, and there are several uncertain elements. Yet, the essence of this job lies in continuously striving to turn uncertainties into certainties. Currently, I am responsible for consolidating agricultural land for the expansion of kiwifruit orchards, managing the development of new orchards, and overseeing seedling cultivation. Experiencing the first harvest in the kiwifruit orchard, developed from abandoned fields we gathered, was an incredibly moving moment for me. Moreover, I appreciate how this work allows me to keenly experience the changing seasons, as it is always weather-dependent.
Moving forward, I aim not only to contribute to the expansion and growth of the fruit tree production and nursery production units I am responsible for but also to tackle various challenges demanded by the agricultural sector as a whole.

R&D Unit
Unit Manager

Masato Nakashima

Joined in 2019 / Mid-career hire / From Ishikawa Prefecture

Career history before
joining the company

After graduating from graduate school, worked in a research position before joining this company.

I want to be a scientist who thrives in the production field.

I have been exposed to various reports on the issues surrounding Japanese agriculture and the global food crisis since I was a child. These challenges and problems inspired me to pursue a career as a scientist, aiming to approach these issues through scientific means. While peripheral industries related to production, such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural machinery, attract numerous people and diverse experiments, very few individuals enter the core field of 'agricultural production.' Therefore, I wanted to become a scientist actively involved in the production field, which led me to join Asai Nursery.
Currently, I am engaged in various research endeavors, including improving the production efficiency of fruit trees like kiwi and avocado, developing techniques for producing Japanese-quality fruit trees overseas, and evaluating bio-stimulant materials. Additionally, I provide scientific support for other units' research themes and problem-solving. Amidst these diverse studies, witnessing children enthusiastically enjoying the products we have developed in our unit brings immense joy. Asai Nursery provides an environment where even those without prior agricultural experience can thrive as researchers or production field managers. It is a place where individuals can leverage their strengths and experiences, collaborating with a diverse array of talents. I aspire to uplift agriculture through the power of science, alongside individuals who resonate with our company's vision.

Business Planning Unit
Unit Manager

Yotaro Kubota

Joined in 2021 / Mid-career hire / From Kanagawa Prefecture

Career history before
joining the company

After graduating from university, worked at a financial institution. Then, after helping to launch a venture company, joined this company.

I want to support the food supply of people all over the world.

Asai Nursery was established in 1907 and has a long-standing history. However, the average age of our employees is in their mid-30s, creating an atmosphere akin to a vibrant startup. Everyone here works energetically and passionately. The work environment encourages open communication, allowing us to engage with the management constantly. This aspect brings a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment that might not be found in larger corporations.
In the Business Planning Department, my responsibilities span across various areas such as supporting each department, developing new businesses, managing finances, and handling HR-related tasks, including the establishment and revision of internal systems.
With the global population predicted to reach 10 billion by 2050, the agricultural and food markets are anticipated to grow significantly. The importance of agriculture is increasing annually. However, Japan faces challenges such as a declining number of farmers and increasing abandoned farmlands, which also present business opportunities.
Embracing the ever-evolving and dynamic agricultural industry, I am grateful every day to be able to invest my passion and feel excited and fulfilled in this role. Yet, there are limitations to what I can achieve alone, which is why I'm seeking colleagues who can work together to contribute to the growth of agriculture. I aim to join forces with such colleagues and continue facing new challenges every day, contributing to the advancement of agriculture and supporting food supply worldwide.

Development Unit

Hiroka Ishikawa

Joined in 2020 / Mid-career hire / From Aichi Prefecture

Career history before
joining the company

After graduating from vocational school, worked as a beauty staff member and in an administrative role before joining the company.

To learn cutting-edge agriculture and become a pillar supporting the family business

I currently work in the distribution development unit, responsible for sales, purchase order management, market research, product development, and shipping operations. I strive to convey the appeal of Asai Nursery to several customers while working to deliver even better products. Asai Nursery has a corporate culture of continuously taking on new challenges, so fresh perspectives are always in demand. While I feel this presents difficulties, I also get to experience the fun of this job.
My family runs a persimmon farm, and I someday want to take over the family business. That is why I entered this industry. As someone born into a farming family, I had a strong negative image of agriculture involving the 3Ks - kitsui (tough), kitanai (dirty), and kiken (dangerous). But when I learned about Asai Nursery, I felt "farming might be fun here," and before I knew it, I had submitted an entry sheet. Upon actually starting work, I was amazed by the cutting-edge agricultural technologies, and impressed that all employees seriously face the future of agriculture.
Going forward, I want to learn advanced agriculture day-to-day in this stimulating environment, and become capable of supporting my family’s persimmon farm. Also, by working in agriculture which underpins food, I want to broaden the circle of smiles connected through food.

Introduction of Former Employees

Mie University,
Faculty of Bioresources,
Assistant Professor

Tingting WuPh.D. (Agriculture)

Employed 2015 - 2023 / From Sichuan Province, China

I want to utilize my experience at Asai Nursery for human resource development.

Past experience at Asai Nursery

With the goals of becoming "a bridge between Japan and the world" and "applying industrial technology to agriculture" as a global talent, I joined the research and development unit. My main responsibilities at the time were serving as a contact for overseas, facilitating the exchange of cultivation techniques with offshore consultants, and importing materials. After the launche of research facility, I worked on developing Asai Nursery's original cultivation techniques using Dutch cultivation techniques as a benchmark. Five years after joining, I worked on the launch of AgriD as a cultivation consultant. I also performed turnaround work and cultivation guidance based on research and development at production sites outside our group of companies.

To everyone who will work at Asai Nursery going forward

Asai Nursery has an open and transparent workplace. Take advantage of your own diversity, and feel free to actively try the things you want to do.