Our Produce

Efforts for a Better Production Environment

Reducing the Environmental Impact

As vegetable production consumes numerous environmental resources, the reduction of environmental impact is a significant challenge in agriculture. At Asai Nursery, we are continuously exploring mechanisms that minimize input and maximize output. Through technological validation, we aim to achieve strong agricultural practices that simultaneously reduce environmental impact and enhance productivity.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

By enhancing the airtightness of our greenhouses, we reduce energy loss. Additionally, we are decreasing fuel consumption by utilizing materials that improve fuel efficiency.

Reducing Fertilizer Usage

Efficient fertilization by analyzing the nutrients present in the water runoff (leachate) and replenishing only the deficient nutrients. This method allows us to recycle and reuse the water containing fertilizer components, ensuring targeted and efficient fertilization.

Reducing Pesticide Usage

Reducing pesticide usage by implementing measures such as introducing light traps for insects, managing pathways, employing appropriate annual schedules, and utilizing natural enemies for pest control.

Development of Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing DAC, a technology that directly captures and utilizes atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Care for the Workers

We are reducing physical strenous work in the farms to ensure that everyone can work healthily and enjoyably.

House Design that Minimizes Physical Strain on the Body

We design greenhouses that allow all the tasks to be performed at waist height without bending. Additionally, we ensure that work trolleys can move along rails, enabling easy transportation of heavy items.

Heatstroke Prevention Measures

We predict the risk of heatstroke by monitoring vital data such as internal clothing temperature and heart rate, thus preventing accidents in advance. Moreover, during the summer season, we introduce summer shifts, adjusting the work hours to avoid high-temperature periods.

Initiatives to Enhance Sustainable Business

To enhance the sustainability of our business, staying updated of market changes and productivity improvements is essential, continually generating new ideas. At Asai Nursery, we implement various initiatives that ensures efficient performance from all employees and dedicated time to generate new ideas.

Organizational Structure Enhancement

We are trying to establish a system where each employee can work organically by creating a clear division of responsibilities, task lists, and visible role allocation.

Improvement of Field Employees' Duties

By implementing a labor management system, we have simplified attendance and labor management. This enhances work analysis efficiency, enabling early detection and resolution of issues.

Introduction of Video Manuals

To reduce the burden on supervisors in explaining skilled tasks such as plant management. we have introduced video guides. As these videos are accessible anytime, they enhance the proficiency of novice workers, contributing to standardizing work procedures.