Asai Nursery is striving for agricultural transformation by positioning itself as a
"research and development-oriented agricultural company"
where all employees are committed to "scientifically approaching the field" to innovate agriculture.

Asai Nursery considers each agricultural field as a subject of research, striving to enhance agricultural productivity and generate new values and concepts. The mission is to apply these advancements back to the agricultural field.
Recognizing the limitations of achieving this aim on its own, Asai Nursery actively engages in collaborative research with various universities and companies, both domestic and international, and readily accepts commissioned research projects.

Asai Nursery strengths
in research and development

Point 01

Ability to apply field science by utilizing multiple compny-owned farm sites.

Point 02

Collaborative exploration of methods for implementing technologies developed in universities and companies into practical use in society.

Demonstration experiments conducted extensively in our own fields.

It is possible to conduct experiments on field plots measuring 1 hectare in size.

Collaboration with professional field managers for research with high reproducibility and practicality.

Every field is managed reproducibly according to scientific principles by research-oriented managers.

Accurate and abundant raw data acquisition through environmental control systems, etc.

The data related to growth are quantified.

Acceleration of research by dedicated research and development personnel.

Accelerating research speed by allowing highly specialized research and development personnel lead the field and bridge collaborations with universities and companies.

Collaborative research with numerous universities and companies.

Examples of collaborative research

Consideration of plant sensor applications

Evaluation of bio-stimulant materials

Examining the working practices and breaks for individuals inside the greenhouse.

We are conducting research on a wide range of diverse themes.

Research Fields

Research Building

Conducting trials and demonstrations of advanced technologies in small-scale high-spec greenhouses.

We are conducting verification experiments of advanced technologies such as LED lighting to compensate for insufficient sunlight, whole-house heat exchangers for efficient air exchange inside and outside the greenhouse, and vertical farming that utilizes height for production.

Osato Farm

Effort to reduce initial costs through facility initiation.

We are researching productive greenhouse horticulture by using a Spanish-style greenhouse equipped with Efclene, a fluorine film that enables control over solar energy, aiming to reduce initial costs.

Tamaki Orchard

Demonstrating high-productivity orchards by applying New Zealand-style production techniques.

We are conducting research on improving fruit productivity in Japan by applying cutting-edge technology in kiwifruit cultivation along with cultivation management techniques developed in greenhouse horticulture.

Takanoo Orchard

Demonstration of highly productive orchards and experimentation with pollen purification.

We continue to expand the orchard following the establishment of the Tamaki orchard. We are conducting new demonstration experiments aiming for further productivity improvement, such as pollen production.

Mukumoto Farm

Research on mass production techniques for avocado and other fruit tree nurseries.

We are conducting research aimed at establishing mass production techniques by developing grafting and cutting technology.

Seedling Nursery

We are conducting trials and demonstrations to achieve stable seedling production and overcome consecutive cropping obstacles.

We are conducting verification experiments to overcome consecutive cropping issues through soil improvement, aiming to enhance seedling productivity.

Orchard Test Fields

Verification of production techniques for stable domestic supply.

We are researching fruit cultivation techniques that have not yet gained popularity domestically, aiming to achieve a stable domestic supply.

Collaboration/Research Examples

Development of a highly productive and sustainable next-generation horticultural model



Development of optimization technology for cultivation and labor management using AI


Ehime University

AI Future Agriculture Creation Project

Construction of a comprehensive platform for the use of eggshell membrane


Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd.

Biotechnology Revolution Promotion Project

Development of cultivation methods for avocado and other fruit trees


Mie Prefecture Agricultural Research Institute

Examination of work and rest methods in the fields using SmartFit


Osaka University

Kurashiki Spinning Company

Mie Prefecture Agricultural Research Institute

Utilization of smart clothing with the aim to support the health of working women


Osaka University

Kurabo Industries Ltd.

Mie Prefecture Agricultural Research Institute

Development of a wireless plant monitoring sensor system using sap power generation


Ritsumeikan University

Future Initiatives

Development of next-generation
greenhouse facilities

Domestic production of low-yield
items such as avocados

Development of domestically produced
medicinal plants

Development of efficient cultivation
methods for Japanese fruit trees
in overseas locations

Research on biostimulant materials
and the development of novel
materials on commission

Measuring the entire field
in three dimensions

If you are interested in research and development in this field,
please feel free to contact us here.