At Asai Nursery, our goal extends beyond environmentally conscious agricultural management.
We aim to achieve a sustainable society and economy through agriculture.

Agriculture, as a primary industry, is the fundamental cornerstone directly impacting the lives of people worldwide. It forms a crucial foundation for sustaining a rich life by ensuring equal availability of delicious and safe food to everyone.
At Asai Nursery, we aim not only for environmentally conscious agricultural management but also a sustainable society and economy through agriculture as a research-driven agricultural company providing technology and solutions.

About Environment

For reducing the environmental impact, we have independently calculated our CO2 emissions and commenced specific initiatives. Moving forward, we will regularly monitor the overall CO2 emissions across our entire operations, including our core activity of cultivating cherry tomatoes. This monitoring will help identify emission sources and allow for concrete discussions and implementation of reduction strategies.
Moreover, we are progressing towards minimizing inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, in hydroponic cultivation systems (e.g., rock wool substrates)

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

By utilizing an environmental control system, we aim to optimize the use of curtains and heating, reducing the fuel consumption per cultivation area.
Moreover, we're working on enhancing the airtightness of the greenhouse to optimize the internal CO2 concentration and to decrease energy usage.

Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

We are engaged in research and development to achieve pesticide-free cultivation in closed greenhouses with enhanced airtightness through measures such as reusing drainage (fertilizers, etc.) and utilizing biological agents (microorganisms, insects, etc.). Furthermore, by introducing next-generation environmental control systems and cultivation monitoring systems, we aim to optimize input materials, thereby reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Utilization of Regional Energy

We are developing each site according to the energy available in the region.
We aim to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity by utilizing geothermal energy for carbon-neutral site development without relying on fossil fuels, using wavelength-selective solar filters, and making use of residues.

Reducing Plastic Usage

We focus on reducing plastic usage and following environmentally friendly product development by using materials such as kraft paper and plant-based ink for packaging.

About Society

We aim to create a society where children grow up healthy and where the diversity of each individual is respected.

Food Education

Easy-to-eat and seedless snack-type mini tomatoes called 'Hagukumi Tomato' have been developed with a focus on creating mini tomatoes for children. The aim is to make delicious tomatoes that even children who dislike vegetables will enjoy eating. Moreover, a portion of the sales from Hagukumi Tomatoes is donated to activities and organizations that contribute to the future of children. Actively participating in events themed around children's dietary education, we strive to promote the importance of food and its role in children's lives.


At Asai Nursery, we practice non-discriminatory hiring regardless of nationality or gender. People from various countries like Africa, Sweden, Hawaii, New Zealand, Indonesia, Belgium, among others, have been actively engaged with us. Additionally, we collaborate with companies from both domestic and international backgrounds, such as the Netherlands and New Zealand, to collectively work towards creating a better society without regard to borders.

Box Theory

At Asai Nursery, we advocate the 'Box Theory.
' Each of our fields, subsidiary companies, and even Asai Nursery itself is considered as an individual 'box.' We believe that by enabling each team member to freely utilize and realize their potential, we can transform these 'boxes' into better versions, ultimately contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

About Economy

We aim for sustainable economic growth and strive to build internal systems and engage in community activities to pass on a better future to the next generation.

Internal Entrepreneurship Program

We aim to build an organizational structure where each employee can realize their 'Zero to One' initiative, develop and mature new business ventures, and eventually spin them off.

To Connect the Joy of Working

At Chusei Green Park in the city of Tsu, we hold events aimed at conveying the joy of work to the next generation. Regardless of age or gender, our goal is to create an environment where people can freely express their passions and receive compensation for them, thus allowing them to rediscover the pleasure of working.